Working Adults Student Problems.


There are many comments about the difficulties in enrolling Cisco program in MMU, getting the contact of the right person in-charged to talk to etc etc. Let us focus on specific problem one at a time.

Problem 1. Don’t know about MMU offering Cisco CCNA program

Some students said “If we have known it earlier, we could have come much earlier.?However, most of the times when someone does a google search on CCNA program in Malaysia, MMU FIT Cisco NetworkingAcademy website can be easily located. If someone commented this in 2005, 2006, probably it is acceptable but now it should be known to many.?Bear in mind newspaper advertise is quite expensive. It cost RM3,000/- per day to advertise in prime newspaper.

Problem 2. Immediate gratification

Whenever someone wants to enroll in CCNA class, they want it now. The problem is not everybody comes at the same time. One two person turn up every two week, how does a training center able to open a class in this scenario. After a while, they lose their interest as better prospect coming along the line. In order to attend classes, you must follow the schedule given by the training center. MMU FIT Cisco schedule is published long ago and repeated yearly. Nevertheless, if someone can commit more than ten paying students for a class at one time, then the class can start soon. So far, this has not happen before.


Problem 3.No commitment

For those who have sent in their registration form, they are invited to attend a two hour free preview on CCNA every time a new batch is started. The free preview enables attendee to understand the whole program in great detail. However, most of them did not make the effort to attend it. Rather, they prefer personalized attention via email, telephone or face to face meet-up. Bear in mind, if someone cannot commit to come for the two hours briefing which is free and known few months ahead of time. What kind of commitment can other expect from him when it comes to attending the class every Saturday or Sunday, pay the fee every semester, do online exam after working hours etc.


Problem 4. Logistic

The best way to contact us is via email, most emails are responded. Just make yourself available on the briefing day. Then everything will go smoothly as you’re following the session. It‘s impossible to buy any durian when the durian session is long over. As one always see in National Geography, if you look for mate after the mating session is over, you are done. Your genes are doomed.



Problem 5.  Money

Money is always an issue. It cost easily RM30,000.00 to RM75,000.00 to get an IT?degree in private university?depending on which university. Most IT degree does not focus much on practical. Yet, in no time, you will choose to enroll in it after your SPM, STPM or pre-U. Not much question is asked about the cost because it is affects your future. Sadly, after completing the degree, all education investment stopped.


However, you only pay RM4000.00 to get the real life hand-on practical. Yet it took you years to decide. You see why some people are very successful, because they are willing to invest for their future. There are few types of people,

a) Those who willing to invest time and money for themselves. “I will pay for my course

b) Those who willing to invest time but not money for themselves. As such they will grab every single scholarship available etc. “I will attend only if my company sponsors me

c) Those who not willing to invest time and money for themselves. “If I take this course, company must give me study leave and pay for the course. You wait lah

Progress is depended on investment.

Thank You.

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